Communication Works for those who Work at it.

At St. Mary we believe good communication is essential to a thriving community.  We also know that in order to keep good communication, we must continue to work at it.  The church office is the hub of our communication, please contact the office staff promptly about any concern or to report and news.

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Below are the various different forms of communication that we upkeep regularly with links to their own respective archives.  For more information about each click on their page to the right.

We rely not just on our staff, but many many others giving their stewardship in various forms: from taking pictures, writing articles, phone calls, etc.  Please let us know if you are willing to serve in one of these important roles in keeping St. Mary Communication up to date and relevant.


The Parish Bulletin is published each week and handed out by ushers at the end of each weekend Mass.  The deadline to submit articles in the bulletin is Tuesday at noon, the week before.

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The St. Mary Newsletter: "In Him alone is our Hope" is published on a quarterly basis.  The newsletter is mailed to all registered parishioners, extra copies can also be found in the back of church.

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Ministry Schedules

The Liturgical Ministry Schedules are made every 3 months.  Paper copies of these are made and put in the back of church a few weeks before the change in months.  On-line versions can also be accessed here.  We ask anyone who will be absent to arrange for their own substitutions.

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We keep a regular updated parish facebook page at

The facebook page is maintained by Pastoral Assistant, Rob Tierney.  The main focus of the page is to promote and share the good works and celebrations of the St. Mary Parish Family.  We encourage all parishioners who are on facebook to "like" our page.

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Parish Website

The parish website has gone through a major renovation and update in the summer of 2016.  The website is maintained by pastoral assistant, Rob Tierney.  Any feedback or updates are much appreciated

Please send comments to the email address below:

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