Wichita Catholic Schools

“Wichita might be home to one of the strongest
Catholic school systems in the nation . . .”

So concluded the Fordham Foundation in their April 2008 publication, “Who Will Save America’s Urban Catholic Schools?”

What makes the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Wichita so special?

  • A mission to form each student to become a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Parishes committed to funding a Catholic education for every active Catholic parish family regardless of family income. The Fordham Foundation report concluded that “Wichita is the best example” of how to make a quality Catholic education available to every family.
  • 38 schools; 20 in Sedgwick County and 18 in the surrounding counties
  • Every school is accredited by the State of Kansas.
  • With nearly 11,000 students, the ninth largest school system in the state of Kansas
  • More than 750 certified teachers and administrators
  • Four exceptional high schools with a full array of outstanding religious, academic, athletic, and fine arts programs; all with no entrance tests
  • A diverse student body that includes students of all income levels, ethnic backgrounds and ability levels
  • 33 pre-school programs
  • Modern facilities with access to cutting edge technology

What makes Wichita so special?

“Nobody is doing it as effectively as we are, and nobody can be more passionate than we are. This is how Catholic schools should be. They are built around faith. They are built around parish. They are built around community. And they are built upon a spirit of excellence.”

-Bob Voboril
Superintendent of Schools

The Fordham Foundation asked in their report, “If Wichita can do this, why can’t other communities?

Come and see what makes our Catholic schools so special!