What are the 4 pillars of Stewardship?

Our stewardship ministries are gathered under these four pillars:

HOSPITALITY: We strive to extend a warm, hospitable and loving welcome to all who join us in worship, service, study, social or in times of personal need. We assist our parish community in presenting a visible sign of Christ’s loving kindness in all we do.

PRAYER: We grow as disciples who are committed to prayer—individual and communal prayer, public and private prayer. Through prayer we are invited to draw closer to Jesus and to imitate Him in our daily lives. While Eucharist is central to our spiritual life, other prayer opportunities are made available.

FORMATION: We strive to educate, form and sustain the stewardship way of life for all ages through faith formation opportunities in the parish and school. We strive to be disciple stewards and give good example as we participate in parish life in ministries and on parish leadership teams. We are open to the continuous conversion to a life of stewardship – to sharing what one has with a loving, generous and grateful heart .

SERVICE: We strive to be servant ministers to the need of our parish members, the wider community and Church. We strive to serve compassionately those who are hurting or in need, lost or alone, or suffering in any way. We give thanks to God for all the gifts we have received and we celebrate the special events in the lives of parishioners.

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