Consider giving extra this year for the Maintenance Campaign

The Building Committee, assembled from the talents of our parish family, has conducted building assessments over the past several months and is recommending the following course of actions for maintenance on our facilities. Much of the work will be started in the summer of 2017. As we launch this campaign on Pentecost weekend, we will give ourselves until Pentecost 2017 - June 4th to raise the needed funds to do this project DEBT FREE!

The church has the following needs:

1. New roof and guttering system.

The existing roof has been layered on for decades without a full replacement being done. Before any improvements are made inside the church, a new roof AND gutter system is recommended.

2. Re-plastering and repainting of the interior of the church

It has been since the 90’s that this type of extensive repair and painting was done. For over 2 decades we’ve “patched” things up. It’s time for this to happen now. The process to do this work would need to happen over several weeks, having all pews removed from the church in order to setup scaffolding, Mass would be held in the school gym during this time.

3. Repaint and restore Stations of the Cross

Our Statues are large, beautiful and unique to our parish. Unfortunately they have fallen into disrepair. While the pews are being removed for the painting of the church, it would be an opportune time to complete the renovation of our statues in the church started this past year by the Altar Society.

The statuary artist who worked on the 4 statues in the back of church, as well as the 4 in front with the crucifix has already agreed to be available in the summer of 2017 to see the completion of this project. Dolores Patterson is the artist, and she is able to do all the work on the statues here on our campus, staying with her brother in Hutchinson while she works through the month. This has saved us a considerable amount of money versus having the cost of shipping the statues to have them restored elsewhere. Additional lighting to better see the statues is also recommended for each statue.


These are our best estimates at this time.
• New roof and gutters - $50,000
• Re-plaster and paint - $80,000
• Restore Stations - $50,000
• Parish Center HVAC - $120,000


• Extra campaign envelopes will be added to the normal tithing envelops
• “Sponsor a Station” For $3,000 you may have your group or individual sponsor the repainting of 1 of the stations
• Fund raising barometer poster in the foyer of the church marking our progress