Preschool Handbook


St. Mary Catholic Preschool

Parent Handbook


Rev. Nick Voelker

Rev. Devin Burns

Rev. Jeff Fasching

Principal, Mrs. Natalie Steiner

Teacher, Mrs. Betsy Rohr

Aide, Mrs. Cim Sturgeon

“For God so loved the world that

He sent His only Son…” (John 3:16)


       At St. Mary Catholic Preschool we will provide a safe, loving Catholic atmosphere where children can develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, creatively and socially.  We will provide opportunities to learn in many different developmentally appropriate ways.


    Through learning centers and activities, our students are encouraged to explore, reason, and grow into the beautiful people God created them to be.


    We are a Catholic Christian preschool, and will provide opportunities to learn and appreciate all of God’s creations.  We will learn about God through songs, prayer, and day-to-day activities. We will strive to instill a positive self-image in each child, and will gently guide him/her in making good choices.


Message from the principal:

Dear Parents:

I am delighted to welcome you and your child to St. Mary Catholic School for our preschool program.  The first day of school will be one that you and your child will always remember. It is the first step of a joyous and never-ending adventure into a world full of learning and discovery.

We are excited that the new construction is complete and preschool has a room right across from the office.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at the school office at 282-1974 if you have questions. We want to make sure that the experience is an enjoyable one for your family.

This Parent-Student Preschool Handbook is prepared to enable us to work together.  We want to provide you with an understanding of our policy and procedure for a successful year.  We look forward to serving you and your family.

Yours in Christ,

Natalie Steiner, Principal

St. Mary Catholic School



Parents are the first & primary educators of their children.  You are welcome to visit any time or volunteer your assistance.  Our door is always open!  



Please encourage your child to leave toys at homeunless it is his/her sharing time.  A show and tell bag will come with your child.  However, we welcome the children to share a special or favorite book with the class anytime.



Birthdays are very special days.  Please meet with the teacher in advance in regard to special treats.  The teacher will add special activities to make the day special. If a birthday occurs in the summer,

we will celebrate as close to the end of school as possible.



We will be asking parents to provide approximately one nutritious snack per month.  A snack calendar will be sent home for each month so you will know when you will be responsible.  Some suggestions for snacks are cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, party mix, finger jell-o, vegetables, puddings, etc.  Please no cake, cookies, candy, gum or other sugar-filled foods, except for parties.

*Please no red colored drinks.



Keep comfort in mind when dressing your child for preschool.  Also, please keep a change of clothes in your backpack in case of spills or

accidents.  Please label all of your child’s clothes because there are often duplicates in a class.  We will go outside for recess unless the weather is severe so please send a coat with your child.



Pre-3 bring 1 package of 5 ounce paper Dixie cups, 1 package of napkins, 1 box of Kleenex.  

Pre-4 bring 5 ounce Dixie cups, 1 roll of paper towels, 1 package of baby wipes.

Also, please send some type of bag with your child (backpack, something not too small, plastic bag, etc.) to school each time they come so that they will be able to carry their papers, our notes, and newsletters home.



A 1st day open house will be scheduled for pre-3 and pre-4.  Parents stay with the student to get used to the classroom and meet the teacher  Conferences can be scheduled at any time by contacting the teacher.



Each child is made in the likeness of God and has unique talents.  At St. Mary, our mission is to develop your child’s talents spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically.

Discipline at St. Mary Preschool is designed to help each child make good choices, develop self-control and assume responsibility for his/her own actions.  Conscious Discipline has been implemented into our preschool program.




4 year olds – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

        8:00– 11:00 a.m.

3 year olds – Tuesday, and Thursday

        8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

The preschool will follow the St. Mary Catholic School schedule.  In the case of inclement weather, the preschool will be closed. If Newton Public Schools are closed due to weather, we will also be closed.  We will notify you through our Flocknote system so please make sure that your contact information is up-to-date. You can also listen to the TV and radio stations for weather-related closings.



Pre-4 students must turn 4 on or before August 31st.

Pre-3 students must turn 3 on or before August 31st

and be completely potty-trained



Fees for the coming year are:

    4 year olds - $105.00 per month for three sessions per week.

    3 year olds - $75.00 per month for two sessions per week.

    Registration fee - $50.00 per child per year.



- 3-


Monthly fees are due the first of each month.  However, you may pre-pay. Checks should be made payable to SMCS (preschool on memo portion).  

No refunds will be made. (i.e. moving, no school, sickness, etc.).  


Holidays, vacations, and snow days will not change the monthly fee.  



Preschool hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.    Children may arrive at the preschool no earlier than 7:45 am.   Please escort your child to the classroom.  School is concluded at 11:00 a.m. At this time, the preschool teacher will escort the children from the classroom to the stairs by the school flag pole, where you must walk and pick up your child.  If it becomes necessary for someone other than yourself or someone on your list to pick up your child, we must have written authorization.  We may also check I.D. of anyone picking up your child--even if they are on our list--until we are familiar with that person.  These precautions are deemed necessary for the safety and well-being of your child.





Please notify the school if your child is going to beabsent.  


It is important to everyone that your child is healthy.  Therefore, it is our policy that your child be kept home when he or she has symptoms of any possible communicable disease.  If symptoms appear after preschool begins, the child will be sent home.


        Symptoms include:

        *Fever within past 24 hours (w/o medicine)



        *Sore throat

*Upset stomach



Please notify us if your child is ill with a communicable disease such as chicken pox, mumps, pink eye, etc. by providing a doctor note.


In the event your child becomes ill or injured, we will immediately attempt to contact a parent.  If we are unable to reach you, we will call your emergency contact or your physician’s office. It is important that you keep the school informed of current phone numbers, emergency numbers, and other important information.