What is a Vincentian?

The Vincentian is a person seeking the face of Jesus in the poor and marginalized.

    It is much clearer what St. Vincent was referring to in terms of seeing the face of Jesus after having made a few home visits to people requesting assistance. Jesus has wrinkles, Jesus has buck teeth, Jesus has straggly hair, Jesus is balding, Jesus has sores and Jesus smokes, for goodness sakes! Jesus is an ultraconservative and Jesus is a Democrat. Jesus is us. Our Baptism and our participation in the sacraments invites Jesus to live within us. When this occurs it becomes much easier to see Him in everyone. This tremendous awareness, however, comes with a responsibility. 

    That responsibility is what Pope Francis is referring to in his recent homily quoted in the The Sunday Visitor, October 5, 2014, “These are the two conditions in order to follow Jesus: hear the word of God and put it into practice. This is the Christian life, nothing more.”  Vincentians are those then that hear this comment of Pope Francis and want to do what they can to live the Christian life.

    Vincentians are people who feel called, who are striving for humility and have a passion to love. A sense of humor and a nonjudgmental nature are essential.

    If you embrace the tenants of the Society, you can be a member. There are three levels of Vincentian membership: the Active Member will attend up to two meetings per month, the Associate Member may join us on special projects or occasions and the Contributing Member is one who prefers to offer their support through donation.

    So what do I have to do to join the Newton Conference?
The simplest way is to come to a meeting or give Jim Moore a call at 316-283-5793.

Meeting Schedule: 

First Monday at 7 pm at OLG

Third Thursday at 7 pm at St. Mary Parish Center