Welcome Back!

Happy New school Year!

I am so excited to be back for the new school year! I am beginning my 3rd year here at St. Mary, and I can honestly say that I have been truly BLESSED!  How wonderful it is to teach in a place where I am surrounded by caring, joyful, faith-filled and MERCIFUL people - staff, faculty and families!

This is actually my 18th year in education.  I previously taught at a great school 45 minutes from here.  While that position was an amazing experience, teaching in a Catholic School gives me the opportunity to live out my faith on a daily basis.  How amazing it is to be able to share my faith in every aspect of the curriculum.

I believe that the Holy Spirit led me here to St. Mary!  I am privileged to teach in the 3rd Grade Classroom where I actually attended 3rd Grade - many years ago!  My 3rd Grade teacher was one of my greatest inspirations for becoming a teacher.  God works in very REAL ways!

A little about my family:

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Brett, for 33 years.  He is retired from Spirit Aerosystems, and I am excited to say that he will be volunteering here at St. Mary this year.  He plans to learn more about our computer systems and help out with trouble shooting, etc.

We have two grown children.  Our oldest, Jenna and her husband Luke live here in Newton.  They (and God) have blessed us with 2 amazing granddaughters - Adalynn and Emily. Jenna was recently promoted to Director of Nursing at Pine Village in Moundridge.  Our son Brian lives in Austin, Texas and is co-owner of a welding shop, as well as a Certified Weld Inspector.  He is very talented and has completed many interesting jobs in the city of Austin.

My goal is to update this web page more frequently - some come back soon for some 1st Week of School information - and  hopefully pictures!


Mrs. Karen McAnulty




Our Names are Special

After many weeks of hard work, the 3rd Grade students finally received their authored book.  The work began in October when the students were required to interview their family to find out how heir name was picked out.  After the interview, the students had to write a paragraph describing what they found out.  The stories were interesting and entertaining.  Every student received a copy of the book. Several families ordered copies as Christmas gifts. 

Our book was revealed before Christmas with a Publication Party.   Parents were invited to see their student read their page in the book.  Everyone enjoyed cookies at the end.  We were even interviewed by an editor from NewtonNow!

Published Authors

 He Calls Us Each By Name


     On Tuesday, December 16, our class celebrated the completion and publication of our book.  The title, He Calls Us Each By Name, was written in several steps. 

     First, we discussed what good writers do and examined several books written by other students.  Next, the students interviewed their parents to find out how their name was chosen.  They also researched what their name means.  One of the funniest questions was, "What would you have named me if I would have been a ...".  (The girls found out what they would have been named if they had been a boy, and the boys found out what they would have been named if they would have been a girl!)

     When our research was complete the students began writing their first draft.  Writing proper sentences, indenting paragraphs,  and editing were skills we practiced throughout the writing process.

     Mrs. Burns, our awesome Art Teacher spent several class periods teaching the 3rd Graders how to draw faces.  Using this skill, they were able to draw self-portraits to go with their story.  They were amazing!

     After what seemed like a long process, we wrote our final copies and began our illustrations. All of our hard work paid off.  Our final copies were sent to the publisher the week of Thanksgiving.  Our published books arrived on Friday, December 12!

     If you would like to read our book, it is available for check-out in the St. Mary School Library!


Pull Tab Collection Day

On Friday, April 10, the 3rd Grade class took a field trip to the Downtown Ronald McDonald House in Wichita.  We were invited to the "Pull-Tab Collection Day," and were able to deliver the pull-tabs we have been collecting all year.  Our donation weighed in at 38 lbs.!  Bigger schools had larger donations, but we are very proud of ours.  Now we know what to set our goal at for next year.  We appreciate everyone who donated their tabs - and ask you to please keep saving!


Math Camp

On Saturday, February 28, 14 Third Grade students attended the 1st Annual Math Camp.  The "camp" was held from 9 a.m. to noon in St. Mary Catholic School Gym.  The morning began with Team Activities that included a fraction game and area & perimeter practice.  During the fraction game, teams had to use over-size fraction tiles to create a fraction that was greater than, equal to, or less than the fraction given.  Four different areas taped off in the gym, gave teams the opportunity to practice their measurement, addition and multiplication skills while they determined the area and perimeter of each shape.  They measured in centimeters, meters, yards and inches.

After the team competition, they moved on to center activities.  There were four different centers.  One center included two different fraction games.  Fraction Fortress was the favorite!  Another center focused on visual spatial reasoning.  Students had to create a figure using popsicle sticks, and then change it by moving 2 or more sticks based on given instructions.  The Lego table was fun with building towers and determining the fraction of each color.  Area and Perimeter, as well as Multiplication was also practiced at the Lego table.  Finally, Subtraction with regrouping was reviewed at the last table.  White boards and Base 10 blocks were used to help recall the process of regrouping.  Subtracting across zeros was the focus at this table.

The morning concluded with Fraction Bingo.  What a fun way to review Fractions.  Prizes were awarded to the winners - and they were all winners!