Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to the fifth grade! Hi! I'm Mrs. Breckunitch!

I am so excited for the upcoming school year!  I'm looking forward to working with the fifth graders! Fifth grade will be an interesting year filled with exciting learning activities, time to nurture our spirit and grow closer to God, Our Father, and adventures galore!

My husband,Pat, shares my passion for education and was a K-8 principal in Sedgwick; he is now retired. Our son, Kelly, graduated from K.U. and is a reporter for the Kansan. Our daughter, Kirstie, graduated from W.S.U. and is teaching First Grade at Ortiz Elementary School in Wichita. Both of our children attended Catholic schools in Salina, KS. Some hobbies that I enjoy are reading, gardening, cooking and scrapbooking.

This will be my 15th year teaching fifth grade at St. Mary Catholic School and I truly LOVE our school family! I taught for 25 years in the Catholic schools in Salina, KS. This included first, second, fourth and sixth grade. I enjoyed teaching students of all ages; although I must admit that I LOVE teaching fifth grade!

I believe in using teaching strategies that students can apply to real world situations.  Discipline is important, yet should be approached thoughtfully with "Love & Logic."  Most importantly, I love teaching in a Catholic school because of the following:

1) I have the opportunity to help mold students to be disciples of Christ.

2) Religion can be integrated into every subject and aspect of the school day.

3) I'm able to encourage students to live their faith and be a bright and positive light in

    our world.

There are many experiences to look forward to in fifth grade like:

* Buddy Projects                  *  Field trips                        

* Band                                * Learning centers             * Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) 

* Religion Bowl                    * Native American Unit       * Saint's Wax Museum

Our theme for this school year is "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity." Psalm 133:1. As we begin our new school year may we keep what's most important, MOST IMPORTANT in our daily lives - our Catholic faith. I'm looking forward to teaching your children and having the best year ever!


Saint: Kateri Tekakwitha          Holiday: Christmas                 T.V. Show: "The Voice"

Movie: "Avatar" & "Aquaman"  Food: Enchiladas, Tacos          Game: Settlers of Catan

Band: Imagine Dragons          Color: lime green, turquoise     Sport: Volleyball

                                                      & red



Welcome SMCS 2019-20 5th grade class!





Saint's Wax Museum

The fifth grade 4th annual "Saint's Wax Museum" was held on Nov. 6th to celebrate "All Saint's Day". The students worked  diligently on individual saint's reports, costumes, saint's cards, and pumpkins which resembled their saints. The Saint's Wax Museum had many visitors, including: students from grades Pre-K thru 4th gr., parents, parishioners, Fr. Voelker, and our principal, Mr. Stutey. This was a meaningful way to celebrate "All Saint's Day"! Many thanks to the fifth grade parents for all of their support.








2015-'16 School Year is Off to a Great Start!

The fifth graders are off to a great start at St. Mary Catholic School. We have a Religion Bowl team which will compete in the spring.Their practices begin Oct. 13th, 3:30-4:15. We have a Battle of the Books team which will have four competitions in the spring and their practices will begin second semester. All of the students have been trained to be servers, by Fr. Voelker, and they will be rotated in to serve in Oct. and Nov. along with two experienced servers. (Mostly to observe up close.) 




















Field Trip a Huge Hit!

Our class and the seventh grade class attended the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant on September 25th. Also,we watched a parade and met the actors and animals in the pageant prior to the re-enactment of the peace treaty signing. This was quite an educational and exciting day!






































Fun with Science

Science experiments are fun. In the following photos you'll see:  the creation of Oobleck, lightening (static electricity), a chemical reaction using vinegar and steal wool and the planting of mini gardens.





Learning stations

Each Friday, the fifth graders go to various learning stations in the afternoon. Sometimes they play games to review concepts they've learned. Many times, they use Microsoft Surfaces for research, Math Facts in a Flash and Study Island to prepare for state assessments. They frequently practice prayers, including the Roserary and they work on Language Arts, such as word wall activities.




Fifth Grade Saints

The fifth graders researched various saints in October. They created saint cards and costumes for their individual saints. Some students decorated pumpkins to resemble their saint. As a culminating activity the students hosted a "Saint's Wax Museum" on November 4, 2014. Each fifth grader dressed up as their saint and gave a speech about their saint in St. Mary's School gym. Many guests were present: grades Pre-K thru 4th grade, parents, and parishioners.


































Our 5th graders had a memorable experience posing as their Saints!

















Decorating pumpkins to look like our saints was a fun addition to our Saint project!

Second grade buddies

Our buddy class is the second grade class this year. We get together each month to help them with a variety of learning activities. In October, we had a religion object talk lesson using a jack-o-lantern to model the "light of Christ" shining in us.



Following our jack-o-lantern lesson, the students made posters as a reminder of what they learned.



We made Thanksgiving memory baskets with our buddies in November. The candy and crackers placed in each student's basket represented the different parts of the Thanksgiving story. For example, the pretzels represented the pilgrims' praying hands.



We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in January and helped our second grade buddies in the religion bowl contest.



We helped to prepare our buddies for their First Reconciliation in February by reviewing their folders on confession. Once we completed that review, the fifth graders read religious books aloud to their partners.




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