Second grade buddies

Our buddy class is the second grade class this year. We get together each month to help them with a variety of learning activities. In October, we had a religion object talk lesson using a jack-o-lantern to model the "light of Christ" shining in us.



Following our jack-o-lantern lesson, the students made posters as a reminder of what they learned.



We made Thanksgiving memory baskets with our buddies in November. The candy and crackers placed in each student's basket represented the different parts of the Thanksgiving story. For example, the pretzels represented the pilgrims' praying hands.



We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in January and helped our second grade buddies in the religion bowl contest.



We helped to prepare our buddies for their First Reconciliation in February by reviewing their folders on confession. Once we completed that review, the fifth graders read religious books aloud to their partners.




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