Welcome Back

Welcome to 7th grade homeroom and language arts.

Ms Patton and Mrs. Johnson will be sharing this position this year again.  Generally, Ms Patton will be teaching Mondays, Tuesdays, and every other Wednesday.  Mrs. Johnson will teach on Thursdays, Fridays, and every other Wednesday.

Ms Patton has been teaching at St. Mary’s for six years.  She has one daughter, one son and three granddaughters. She really enjoys watching her granddaughters play sports in Halstead.


Mrs. Johnson is in her second year of teaching at St. Mary’s, but has 33 years of teaching experience in the Halstead/Bentley School District where she mostly taught Spanish, but also English, speech, debate, and forensics.


Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade language arts curriculum includes various research topics that will interrelate with the science and social studies curriculums of each level.   Students will also be exposed to a variety of literature through short stories and novels. Language arts classes will also include vocabulary and grammar instruction to further students’ knowledge of the English language.  Speech presentations will also be a part of this year's curriculum.


Eighth grade will be presenting the play The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on November 22nd.  Starting in January, they will be working on their culminating project.


Seventh grade service project is to collect box tops, so please send any box tops that you might have.  Boxtops for education is changing so that you now scan your receipt.  Here is a website to help with the new system.



Seventh grade buddies are third graders.


We are looking forward to a productive and memorable school year!


Ms Patton and Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson

7th Grade
English & Language Arts