Middle School Religion and Science

Welcome to SMCS Middle School Religion and Science!!!  Let me introduce you to myself and our curriculum.

My name is Mrs. Henning.  I am starting my 28th year of teaching at SMCS and every year is a new and exciting opportunity to help parents in their mission of educating their children in the faith!!! My husband and I have one daughter, who is starting her second year of teaching high school music in Garden City,KS.  She is also an alumni of SMCS!

I want to give you a brief overview of our Religion curriculum.  In 6th grade Religion we study Old Testament history, develop our prayer life and do fun activities to learn stewardship.  In 7th grade Religion we study the New Testament along with prayer and stewardship. While in 8th grade we study the history of the Catholic Church in addition to prayer and stewardship.  We also are buddies with the kindergarten class.  We meet with them weekly to model what a SMCS student is all about!

In the middle school science curriculum we learn about physical science, life science, the history of science, earth and space science, technology in science and personal and environmental science.  We accomplish this by performing many labs in groups!!  Check back and see some of our fun labs!

Mrs. Oden
8th Grade
Math & Religion