Preschool openings still available!

We only have a few seats left in our preschool classes before we start our waiting list!   The SMCS Preschool Program is open to all students in Newton, Hesston and surrounding areas.  Enrollment forms, for Pre-3 and Pre-4, can be requested from the school office.  Please don't hesitate to contact me or the school office with any questions.  We would love to have you come see the school and our Preschool program!

Below is a letter about the SMCS Preschool program.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for considering the SMCS Preschool program.  Did you know the former governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, considers preschool “the most important grade”? Numerous research studies confirm preschool has a positive effect on academic success and school readiness.  Early-education is experiencing tremendous growth as parents and guardians experience the positive impact preschool has on their children.  As an Early Childhood Professional, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see the positive impacts of preschool every day.

The Newton community is blessed to have the SMCS Preschool program.  Our preschool is rooted in a Christian and loving environment fostering exceptional academic and spiritual growth.  At SMCS your child will experience a positive and playful learning environment.  In addition, preschool students strengthen their socialization skills; learning how to share, be respectful of others, problem solve as well as behavior-management skills.   In addition, preschool students learn they are capable of doing things on their own through their roles as classroom helpers.  Lastly, preschool students are prepared for academic success in Kindergarten and throughout the rest of their academic career by learning how to be a student.

The SMCS Preschool program and curriculum is centered on age-appropriate lessons and activities.  In addition, the activities are hands-on; allowing students to learn and grow through exploration, experimentation and conversation.   Most importantly, the students learn through playing; each lesson and activity is carefully planned to teach a specific skill or topic.  For example, our craft activities are used to foster one-on-one discussion and continued learning from a lesson, such as a letter, number or a story book.  Moreover, the students develop self-esteem and confidence as they display their crafts in the hallways and take them home to show you.

The SMCS Preschool program also provides students with the opportunity to grow in faith and virtue through the religion curriculum.  Each day begins with a special daily devotion written for preschool students.  This devotion focuses on simple lessons such as being kind to one another and sharing with other children.  In addition, students are taught basic prayers such as Grace Before Meals and the Angel of God.  Weekly, the students are given a simple religion lesson such as Noah’s Ark, the birth of Jesus or the Prodigal Son.  Each lesson includes a leaflet with the story, a family prayer and an activity.  The leaflets are sent home with the student to share with their families.

In addition to classroom learning, the SMCS Preschool provides parents and guardians with important information in regards to their child’s skills and identification of development areas.  A preschool-specific report card has been developed to test and monitor age-appropriate skill development.  A report card is provided to parents several times throughout the year.  In addition, conference times are available to discuss any concerns and to develop strategies to enhance skills.  Moreover, additional growth-measurement assessments are completed throughout the year to enhance the learning process.   The results allow for an individual plan to be tailored to your child’s needs.  At SMCS we strive to give parents and guardians the tools they need to help their child receive the best start possible for their academic career.

Once again I am pleased you are considering the SMCS Preschool program.  Please feel free to schedule a visit with the school office so you can see the preschool environment for yourself.  I am confident you will be pleased and impressed.  We would like to help all of God’s children to grow and flourish within our positive and Christian learning environment.


Becky Patterson

SMCS Preschool Teacher